Google TV, the web made for TV?

At LBi London we’ve had the good fortune to get a Logitech Revue with Google TV. It’s an interesting piece of technology and i fully support the web enhanced TV experience.

As a web developer what interests me is the web experience designed for the TV, what Google calls spotlight. At first glance it is a rich experience that should do well in the consumer market. The problem i see is how that experience was created.

When first using spotlight you could be mistaken in believing you are visiting the existing web site enhanced for Google TV, promoting the One Web experience.

You’re not.

You’re visiting a separate URL designed to work with webkit based browsers using HTML5 as can be seen in these examples:

The Onion on Google TV

Net a Porter’s fashion station on Google TV

So what The Onion and Net a Porter have managed to create is a web resource only viewable by about 17.05% of web users.

It may be cheaper to branch a new experience off with a new URL but this is the same failure to understand the web that spawned the fragmented experience that is the mobile web.

There is no mobile web or TV web there is only the web and the devices we view it on and we should be developing for an agnostic experience on a uniform resource location that will adapt between devices.

The concept of the TV web needs to stop now before it has a chance to embed itself in the corporate mindset.

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