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jQuery Equaliser plugin 1.0.0

by George Paterson.

After writing about the cross browser display inline-block i was reminded of a requirement from “The Sceptre of Rajim” project. Each item in a row of items would have the same height but also a number of designated elements would have an equal vertical position in that row.

The code written for the project targeted a specific list of items and was limited in scope. Requirements change over time and this sort of positioning seems to be a common feature, so after the project i resolved to make good on the promise i always make, to create reusable code.

The jQuery Equaliser plugin is a simple plugin that iterates across an array of elements with a declared parent element.

Cross browser display inline-block

by George Paterson.

While drinking stout at @pubstandards on Thursday, we did broach the subject of code. While talking about equal height list items which have traditionally been difficult to work with, I raised an interesting technique that doesn’t seemed to have got much traction.

Instead of using floats to line up your items in rows, where varying heights that can tangle the floats, use display: inline-block.