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jQuery HTML5 video background 1.0.0

by George Paterson.

I’ve recently been working on a jQuery plugin that uses a HTML5 video as the background for a page. An idea that perhaps owes far too much of it’s inception to splash pages, it was worth investigating; as a test for HTML5 video player development and because of it’s interesting use of the video element.

Object oriented JavaScript: Fundamental concepts

by George Paterson.

JavaScript is a dynamic, highly expressive[1] multi-paradigm language[2]. JavaScript has had it’s problems, from a weak specification and poor initial implementation it has matured as the Web has and become a ubiquitous Web technology. Commonly used for Web client interactions it has also proven itself capable of powering Web servers and other devices.[3].

As JavaScript development has matured Object Oriented programming has become the main programming paradigm, it is a paradigm shared with Java, C++ and many other languages. JavaScript is an object based language, lacking some of the traditional features of an Object Oriented language, it is a highly expressive language with alternative methods for classes, information hiding and inheritance[1].