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Object Oriented JavaScript: Modular development

by George Paterson.

In my previous article i talked about the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. These concepts are a part of developing object oriented code and if structured appropriately can be used to create highly modular reusable code.

Developing reusable code is a necessity of software development, it allows for a more efficient development cycle and continuous improvement of an existing development.

The alternative to code reuse is code salvage. Code salvage is an inefficient method of stripping the code down for it’s useful parts and discarding the rest. In creating modular code we hope to support code reuse by making all of the code module useful.

America’s Cup site released

by George Paterson.

This week we at LBi London released the first phase of the new America’s Cup website. I had the opportunity to work with the hosts of the oldest active trophy in international sport as lead interface developer, with a team including Francesca Mancuso, Aaron Faber, Jamie Collins and Pia Gamon.

The site itself was built on EpiServer; which means .Net development and some of .Net’s more interesting aspects (web forms etc). What we produced is a HTML5 based site that is progressively enhanced using CSS and JavaScript. We couldn’t use all the elements HTML5 supports because we couldn’t be reliant on JavaScript for presentation in IE7 and 8. JavaScript development utilised jQuery and jQuery UI libraries.

This is only the first phase of ongoing development, with performance improvements including minification and new features for the site but an important first step in supporting one of the great yachting competitions.