jQuery UI custom select widget

This is the first build of the jQuery UI custom select widget available on GitHub. There is a demo page and wiki page available outlining how the widget works. It is hoped that the widget will simplify custom select development.

The jQuery UI custom select widget is designed as a method for applying a custom design to a native HTML select element. Currently the only applicable method for doing this to replace the select element entirely, duplicate it’s functionality in a new element and replicate any changes to the new element back to the select element.

Scott while at Filament group developed such a method in 2009 creating a selectmenu, this has received on going support from Felix Nagel.

During 2011 a project was developed at LBi London that required a large number of custom selects. Applying the current custom select had significant performance issues as every select had their options implemented at DOM ready. We sort an alternative pattern for generating custom selects and looked to the flyweight pattern. Ray Brooks implemented this pattern as a jQuery plugin.

The custom select widget is an implementation of the flyweight pattern referencing both Ray’s flyweight custom select and the current selectmenu widget.

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