Tesco Direct launch

This week marks the release of the new Tesco Direct UI. It’s been almost a year since work on the UI was completed by the team at LBi London with support from Spindrift in content management and Infosys providing system integration.

The team i was fortunate enough to lead included permanent members Ray Brooks, Lee Ryan, Aaron Faber with Sam Clohesy leading project management. The project wouldn’t have started without Will Howat’s development review which should a number of issues that LBi London were asked to resolve.

In that year i’ve become a father and changed agencies to SapientNitro to experience a different working environment. The UI code has also undergone some changes, analytics JavaScript litters the DOM along with unnecessary CMS structures. Generally though the code has remained robust with structures in place to support semantic code like landmark roles and it even retains a jQuery UI widget i was developing for carousels.

Congratulations to the team and we’ll have to mark our success at #HSBFC.

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