Aether theme

Being a new father i haven’t had much time to write articles and have spent most of my effort working within repositories on Github.

One thing i’ve been meaning to do with this site for some time now is change it to a responsive design. This is what i’m doing with the Aether theme and i’ve updated this site with the first incarnation of that theme.

Aether uses semantic HTML and a simple design with media query break points for mobile, tablet, desktop and large screen devices, i’m also referencing requirejs although not much JavaScript is currently required on the site as most of my demo code has been moved to Github pages associated with each repository.

The design is kept simple as i want to focus on content but i’ll also be using the Aether theme as a sandbox for features i may not get a chance to implement on my current projects, for instance the application cache and web sockets.

Feel free to fork the theme and issues can be raised in the repository issue tracker.

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