Setting up LAMP

The LAMP stack is a very popular setup for a web server, it is relatively easy to create, leveraging open source software. Python or Perl may be used to replace PHP depending on specific requirements; additionally the AMP stack can be installed on alternative operating systems.

Setting up a new LAMP stack recently i decided it was time to take notes. For this particular build i’m using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The full document has a repository on GitHub.

The document has 6 sections:

  1. Set up root access
  2. Secure Shell access
  3. Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP
  4. Permissions for site deployment
  5. Create a site domain
  6. Set up complete

The document should contain enough information to take you from an initial Red Hat Enterprise Linux install to an operating web server.

If you have any issues please feel free to fork the repository or raise an issue on the repository.

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  1. Alberto says:

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