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Tesco Direct launch

by George Paterson.

This week marks the release of the new Tesco Direct UI. It’s been almost a year since work on the UI was completed by the team at LBi London with support from Spindrift in content management and Infosys providing system integration.

The team i was fortunate enough to lead included permanent members Ray Brooks, Lee Ryan, Aaron Faber with Sam Clohesy leading project management. The project wouldn’t have started without Will Howat’s development review which should a number of issues that LBi London were asked to resolve.

jQuery UI custom select widget

by George Paterson.

This is the first build of the jQuery UI custom select widget available on GitHub. There is a demo page and wiki page available outlining how the widget works. It is hoped that the widget will simplify custom select development.

The jQuery UI custom select widget is designed as a method for applying a custom design to a native HTML select element. Currently the only applicable method for doing this to replace the select element entirely, duplicate it’s functionality in a new element and replicate any changes to the new element back to the select element.

jQuery UI Carousel 0.3.0

by George Paterson.

This is the first release of my jQuery UI Carousel.

At LBi Towers our JavaScript current library of choice is jQuery and where necessary we leverage the widgets of jQuery UI. Although there are a number of jQuery Carousel plugins there isn’t an official jQuery UI Carousel widget, which is an unfortunate omission as carousel’s tend to be a common requirement of site development.

To investigate jQuery UI widget development and fulfill this requirement i took some time to build this initial jQuery UI Carousel widget. Version 0.3.0 is the first release, it contains the basic functionality of a carousel and has been included in a current project i can only call “The Sceptre of Rajim” and yes at LBi Towers we have a fixation with M.A.S.K episode names.